Moving to Handmade Network!

So thanks to the works of the Handmade Dev guys, 4coder is going to have a new home right here on handmade.network!

I mean first of all, the projects are all exciting and I just want to be nearby when awesome stuff happens, but also... look at this site I mean for literally no work at all the 4coder blog suddenly looks about a hundred times better than it did back when I was trying to design it myself. Also did you notice how fast everything is? It is off the hook people.

If you want to check out the old blog, if it is still up you can find it here. My plan is to eventually ditch that blog entirely and move all the old posts here. So from now on you can just follow my absurd blog posting here.

Thanks a ton to the handmade dev guys.

Later everyone!
Mikkel ,