April Shenanigans and the Summer of 4coder

One whole month has passed but there has not been a single 4coder update. I was hoping all month that today there would be an update with new GUI stuff ready to go, but it's just not going to happen. The new theme editor is getting there pretty quickly, and there are some other improvements I would like to have in the next version. Specifically I want to address the high idle CPU usage by going to a system that is more event driven.

Now for the good news. With school year over though the way is cleared for an entire summer of 4coder. I have high hopes for huge updates this summer. I plan to open the customization layer up even more. These new upgrades will hopefully facilitate projects like 4coder vim keys (by ChronalDragon) and providing a customizable GUI for various debugger projects that have cropped up. But my biggest goal of the summer is to start cracking the code intelligence that I was imagining when I first started 4coder. I am making no promises but I think there is a lot to look forward to for the next few months.

As always, thanks for following, and thanks to my backers for their patience through this slower month.
See you around everyone!
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I find myself dreaming more often that I'm using 4coder with Sean Barrett's stb-theme and core vim bindings on Linux. With your work this summer that dream will materialize sooner. And given our talk about what you meant by code intelligence, I feel the community will think about what they program with higher linguistic levels of understanding, all thanks to your work.

Best of luck.
Andrew Chronister,
You lucky bastard. I still have 5 more weeks of school. 4Coder vim bindings will be a bit slow to materialize, but with you working hard on 4coder hopefully I'll have less that I find necessary to hack together myself!
Allen Webster,
As it turns out I listened to that about a week ago to remember everything I said and I was pleased to find that I had made a promise that I accidentally kept to deliver a janky basically usable text editor.

Ahh shoot. The end of the school year is the worst for spare time projects. Well I'm guessing by the time you get around to it there will be a whole new 4coder there.

(Side thought: Hmm... there is something off about the feeling of trying to reply to other peoples comments on a blog post. It looks more like I'm editing the blog post... hope that's not the case!)
Andrew Chronister,
Allen: noted, making comment threads work better will be on my list.
Hi, loving the look of 4coder, I may have to become a patron soon :)
In case you haven't already considered it, you can make game-loop style guis event driven without much fuss using:

MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(0, NULL, FALSE, INFINITE, QS_INPUT)

Then the main event loop becomes something a bit like this:

while (running) {
	if (!animating) wait_for_input();
Mikkel ,
Will we see more regular streams during that summer?