New 4coder Information Site

Through November I have been building up an information site for 4coder and today I posted it at 4coder.net. I still need to fill in lots of the information which I will continue to do over the next few days. A lot of people have asked for different information pages including a features list, a road map, and tutorials, all of which will be going on the site. I will also be posting the 4coder API documentation there from now on. If there is any category of information you would like to have on 4coder that is missing let me know!

For the next month of work on 4coder I will continue building out the information on the site and I will work on inner 4coder system clean up and finally building the basic testing apparatus I've been hinting at from time to time for a while now. I plan to post a couple of new builds in December for bug fixes and tweaks to the indentation system.

That is it for my end of November update, later people!
Mārtiņš Možeiko,
Nice! I suggest adding few screenshots. I know for 4coder screenshots cannot express everything it can do, but seeing few screenshots how it looks by default would be nice to see on its webpage.
Simon Anciaux, Edited by Simon Anciaux on
"Buffer reading and editing" appears twice in . I just noticed the new preview video. Is there somewhere I can find more about Lysa ?
Allen Webster,
I suggest adding few screenshots.

Good idea, I'm writing that down right now.

Is there somewhere I can find more about Lysa ?

Not right now, the author has not technically announced the project as far as I know, so we'll all just have to wait until it is properly announced to get all of the details.
Hey Allen,

I wanted to point out some typos on the landing page.
I hope you don't think I am cocky or something, I just wanted to let you
know so that people coming to your page don't get the wrong impression of
you, the page should be as good as 4coder itself.

The typos are in the first paragraph:
1. it should be " the needs >OF< C/C++ developers "
2. the last word is "4cocer" :-)

Generally I would rewrite the first paragraph to:

"4coder is a code editor that first and foremost targets the needs of C/C++
developers so they can be as efficient as possible. Here you can learn
about the features of 4coder, how to get started with 4coder, and how to
get the absolute most out of 4coder."

Again, just saying, I know it always seems arrogant to point things like
this out, so sorry for that :-)

Another thing, I tried sending this first as an email to [email protected]
but the server said there was no such user so the delivery failed.
Allen Webster, Edited by Allen Webster on Reason: grammaro implied unintended snark
I hope you don't think I am cocky or something

Not at all! Thanks for the help! Also... yeah it looks like I busted my 4coder email address when I was setting up the site... getting on that now.