4coder Update: still reorganizing and cleaning up

So it's been over two years since I started 4coder, and I don't think I properly slowed down and cleaned anything up at all during the 2016 portion. I can't even remember what 2015 4coder was like, but I figure I probably was even less disciplined back then. So for that reason the project I took up a while ago of carefully considering the organization of the code and the major systems is still going on. Since cleanup doesn't lend itself to new features I have also split my 4coder time between little features I can implement through the custom API and the cleanup work.

As I discussed in an upcoming 'Handmade After Dark' episode, I have a new more strict schedule and special office space. With that comes sessions of 4coder work that can go as long as eight hours without having to interrupt the flow of my thoughts. If I have learned one thing from the experience, it is that I am definitely not the sort of person who can work as well a couple hours every day as I can all at once in one day.

I am excited to roll out the new function listing feature and several other new features and improvements by the end of the month for all backers.

Stay tuned everyone, and thanks for reading!
Looking forward to it Allen!!!