A history of 4coder Fridays

The term "4coder Friday" was first coined by Casey Muratori, back in late 2015/early 2016. That was about the time that Handmade Hero started making the transition to using 4coder and so occasionally a little bit of prestream time was dedicated to exploring the configuration. It wasn't every Friday, nor was it always on Fridays, but the term 4coder Friday was just so fun to say that it stuck.

In February of 2016 I switched to using 4coder full time, so that I could make sure it was prepared for Handmade Hero to make the transition to full time 4coder use. In March 2016 that transition was completed and ever since there have been no 4coder Fridays... or have there?

4coder Fridays in the Modern Day

That was all a year ago, which means it is practically ancient in internet time. So what is a '4coder Friday' in this modern day and age!? The answer is that 4coder Friday is what happens every Friday when I set aside work for my day job and spend the day working on 4coder. This practice has happened every Friday since the beginning of 2017.

I'm bringing this to your attention because I've been looking for a good way to keep everyone informed on my progress and let everyone know about the problems on which I spend most of my time, and I would like to start running a little experiment. Every 4coder Friday, I would like to do a brief stream to demo everything that is going on in 4coder, and to answer questions and discuss the priorities of my TODO list with anyone who can come to the stream chat. I am planning to start TODAY at 22 UTC (5pm EST). I will try to keep this experiment going through March and April to see how it goes.

See everyone there!