It seems that it has been a while since there was a 4coder update, but there has been plenty of progress.

Lots of the progress has gone into the new buffer handling engine which is not yet at a point where it does something you can see, but that will change soon. I would estimate that it will be past half way done by this time next month, which is a slightly slower pace than I originally hoped, but it still has the new engine ready well before the end of 2017. Here and there I have also mentioned that 4.1.X will have a pretty big restructuring of the custom API, there isn't any progress on that yet, but even with that I think 4.1.0 will be ready in 2017.

As with the previous builds there have been plenty of improvements to other parts of 4coder that will be coming out very soon. I have finally fixed a great number of rare crashes and other minor bugs that have been piling up on the todo list. I'm working on making the buildsuper.bat script easier to use, because right now it fails unless you run vcvarsall.bat yourself first, or if you happen to be on the same MSVC version that I use.

Perhaps the biggest thing to change is that color themes are now loaded by text file, so you can easily create, copy, and share your own color scheme. All of the default themes have been converted over to text themes to serve as examples.

At the top of my list for the next build after this are the problems of improving dead key handling, and improving 4coder's behavior with read only files.

Finally I want to send out a big thank you to the many 4coder users who have sent in bug reports or helped me diagnose problems. You're all fantastic!

Bye for now everyone!