Hey Everyone!

The month of November has passed, and the last of the 4coder progress has been published on Patreon (the itch.io release in a couple days).

So, considering my original todo list, where did I get? Here is a summary of my original todo list with plusses on the finished items:

  • [+] Mac
    • [+] Core platform features
    • [+] Multiple built in mappings
    • [+] Runtime mapping changes
  • [ ] Behavior Cleanup
    • [+] Properly configure OpenGL
    • [+] Organize rendering layer and reduce redundant OpenGL calls
    • [ ] Better behavior with saving read only files
    • [ ] Better behavior with failure to save file
    • [+] Delete and rename files, and make directories without switching away from 4coder
    • [+] Loading system font
    • [+] Compete font behavior
    • [ ] Child process pipe reading more cleanly to more closely match terminal/console behavior
    • [+] Various convenience commands and improvements on existing commands
  • [ ] Undo/Redo
    • [ ] Cleanup implementation of undo/redo
    • [ ] Expose undo/redo to customization API
  • [ ] Keywords
    • [ ] Nicer keyword API
    • [ ] Configure from text configuration in default 4coder
    • [ ] Keyword groups with different colors
  • [ ] New Command Maps
    • [ ] Thin cursor/notepad/sublime like paradigm
    • [ ] International command translation
  • [+] Productivity Acceleration: various things to allow me to write code and maintain 4coder more easily
  • [ ] Buffer Algorithms Upgrade
  • [ ] API Upgrade

Which feels like reasonable progress to me.

A Few Notes
Getting the file saving stuff done is a pretty high priority because perforce users have run into it a lot, so that might get done before the next big 4coder month.

I also learned that pipes are working just fine. The reason the output doesn't match the terminal/console is because output buffering works very differently when it goes to a pipe than when it goes to the terminal/console. In order to get the effect I want I will have to go deeper than pipes and convince the child process that it is talking to a terminal/console. I decided I should put this issue off to a longer term goal.

The End
And with that I am all done with 4coder November. Thanks to everyone for following along and sending notes and bug reports and feature requests!