The Patreon Closing Post - Archived

When I shut down my Patreon creator page it hides the posts I have made on the site. So this is an archive of my Patreon shutdown post.


Aloha everyone!

I have been looking for the right word(s) to shutdown my Patreon for a few days now. For anyone who doesn't already know, Patreon is changing their fee schedule and they are shifting more costs onto backers, and they are doing all of this with only one way to opt out: get off the platform. And, well, I am opting out.

Now, I want to impress onto all of you that this is absolutely not goodbye for 4coder. I will be where I have always been moving the project forward absolutely uninterrupted by this. However we do have to say goodbye for a brief moment to Patreon. So, in order that we can say goodbye and not at the same time, I turn to the Hawaiian language. That's right folks, this is aloha for us, a word which both means hello and goodbye, and in this way allows us to capture the spirit of moving somewhere else.

If you want to keep getting alpha builds you can purchase the 4.0.X series (now and future) on the itch.io page, which gets you the equivalent of what has been my "Super!" tier here on Patreon, and the free demos on the itch.io page are the equivalent of the Alpha tier. Some of you have already requested a way to keep supporting the project on top of the support you give me by purchasing it. For anyone in that position you can follow me on my twitter @AllenWebster4th, or on my handmade network hosted blog. When I have opened up a new way to support the project I will broadcast it there.

Aloha everyone, thanks for your support!
Phillip Trudeau-Tavara, Edited by Phillip Trudeau-Tavara on
It seems Patreon just cancelled their fees change. Will this affect the shutdown?
Allen Webster, Edited by Allen Webster on
Yes I was aware of their undoing this decision. I was already trying to ease out of Patreon because I found it difficult to use and difficult to trust them with other people's money. Even with the old fee structure, they showed very clearly that they aren't very serious about the fact that they deal with lots of people's money.