Hey everyone!

With this build, my first step of the 4.0.X retirement schedule is complete!

The majority of the new features were already working a week ago, so I got to spend some good time using them, and I'm very happy with this build. The new project system in particular has simplified my workflow even more than the old project system. This build also moves several more options to the config file, specifically font size, and control over the scroll bar and file bar. Until now these were all controlled by command line parameters, or hard coded values in the custom layer.

You can check this build out at: https://4coder.itch.io/4coder
And you can see the accompanying project tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX8WPI2WGVI&t=2s

Next I'll be moving on to making the listing UI programmable from the custom layer, which will be a key component of a lot of edit operations and work flow features.

Thanks for following!