The Return of School

Allen Webster  —  2 years, 8 months ago
Today is my first day of classes in my sixth semester of school at the University of Michigan. I would like to assure everyone updates will still be coming to 4coder and I will continue to stay on top of bug reports and feature requests, but I will be moving more slowly. Last year during my second semester of school I managed to implement: build in editor, keyboard internationalization (although that is a forever ongoing project with Windows), word completion, the first version of direct buffer manipulation API, the query replace and replace range functions, and a Linux port (thanks insofaras!). Hopefully this school year will be similarly productive for 4coder.

Right now I am working on bringing together all of the work I did through the month of August to make 4.0.11 really great. That includes a better file tracker that eliminates a lot of passive per frame CPU usage, a new faster lexer, and access to a file's tokens in the customization API.

Stay tuned this week for an announcement about a special surprise for everyone that I promised a long time ago.

Later everyone!
Andrew Chronister  —  2 years, 8 months ago
Sweet, have a great semester Allen! Looking forward to more 4coder progress!

(I really must get 4vim up to speed, every update adds more API changes for me to port to, haha)
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