4coder: Status and Next Steps

Allen Webster
4 years ago
So I just got a new build out today (4.0.19) fixing some lingering problems with Unicode and the Lexer. As I explained last month, I'm starting work on a new buffer engine now, but it's going to be a little while before that is ready, so I'm splitting my 4coder time between that and small builds like this one. By the way, that new engine is not yet at a demonstration point, but I did have a break through on how to solve virtual whitespace + comments interactions, which has been puzzling me for a while, so I'm even more optimistic about the new system now.

The primary point of this post is to list a few of the things I wanted to look into for this build but decided pushed to next one or two future 4.0.X builds as I continue to split my time:
- Cltr+Alt = AltGr option to config file
- Dead keys as modified command keys
- Customizable keywords for the 4coder lexer
- Command line font and theme selection
- See more than 10 fonts in the font list (bug fix)
- Properly handle read only files
- Properly handle failure to save a file

So that's what you have to look forward to for a little while with 4coder. If there is something missing from the list that you think I should be thinking about, continue to suggest things!

P.S. Mac port still in the "Get a window with OpenGL graphics and keyboard/mouse input" phase, but I think I've hit on a promising solution now.
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