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Path address with space folder names
Does 4coder custom build supports a path address with a folder name with spaces?

Something like "C:\My Document\My Stuff\Programming\...".

when building the default custom file, I got an "unrecognized source file type 'Document\My' " error and the same error with 'stuff\Programming\...'

the build works when I put the 4coder folder at C:\ though.

I just switched from emacs to 4coder and not sure how it works yet.

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Simon Anciaux
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Path address with space folder names
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Try removing /I%CODE_HOME% from the cl command line (in buildsuper.bat):
cl %OPTS% %DEBUG% %SRC% /Fe4coder_custom %BUILD_DLL% %EXPORTS%

Since all #include in the source are using quotes it should not change anything.
Or you could try to add quotes around %CODE_HOME% but it doesn't work for me (quotes are used in batch file for strings that contains spaces).
Allen Webster
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Path address with space folder names
Yeah this is an issue that has been reported once or twice before. The only solution right now is to fix the buildsuper.bat yourself, and sadly the fix for this isn't in 4.0.14 either. I'll promote it to the top of the list now that it is becoming a repeat offender.

%CODE_HOME% is there so that you can compile files that aren't in the same directory as 4coder_custom.h and the other main custom layer files. So eliminating that should be fine so long as you just drop your code in with the other files. (If I remember correctly, I'm about 90% that is what is going on there.)
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Path address with space folder names
Alright Guys. I will do that. Thanks for the help.