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build error
Just FYI, using the new release calling buildsuper results in:

C:\Program Files\4coder>buildsuper
c:\program files\4coder\4cpp\4cpp_lexer.h(135): error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated
c:\program files\4coder\4cpp\4cpp_lexer.h(135): warning C4456: declaration of 'i' hides previous local declaration
c:\program files\4coder\4cpp\4cpp_lexer.h(130): note: see declaration of 'i'
Could Not Find C:\Program Files\4coder\*.exp
Could Not Find C:\Program Files\4coder\*.obj
Could Not Find C:\Program Files\4coder\*.lib

but if I turn off treat warnings as errors it works fine.
Allen Webster
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build error
Ahh sorry, forgot to test the build on this MSVC version. Thanks for pointing it out, it will be corrected in the next build.