Daniel Bross
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Bug with going through errors in 4.0.21
I ran into a bug when going through error locations with Alt + N / Alt + Shift + N.

The feature just stops working altogether, but luckily I was able to find a way to reproduce it.
It only happens if you press one of the key combinations while your build.bat is still running.
A restart of 4coder makes the error go away though.

And just as a side question; should I report bugs here or is there a better way?
Allen Webster
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Bug with going through errors in 4.0.21
Hmm... that actually makes sense, but it means I need to reconsider the structure of the sticky jump system a little bit.

If you just redo the build and wait for it to complete it should work without you having to restart 4coder. Alternatively you could turn off sticky jumps by defining USE_OLD_STYLE_JUMPS at the top of the custom code.

Also bug reports here are fine. If you send them to [email protected] there is a higher chance that I will remember it, since I sort of use that inbox as my bug/feature todo list, but I usually remember to handle bugs reported here too.
James Fulop
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Bug with going through errors in 4.0.21
Just want to chime in that I am having this problem too. Works fine with USE_OLD_STYLE_JUMPS though