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#12721 Crash using open all code recursive on a large project
2 weeks, 1 day ago

Hi Allen/Forum

I've been fed up with how bloated visual studio has become and decided to try out 4coder. I thought I would try it out at work, we have quite a large project, around 8100 .cpp .h .inl and .hpp files.

I tried an open all code recursive command and this crashed 4coder. It looked like it was trying to dereference a nullptr or something, perhaps it was running out of memory because this is a tonne of code to have loaded at once.

I guess my first question is that is this a legitimate bug? or maybe its just unreasonable to perform an open all code on a project of this size. If it literally loads the contents of said files into buffers then it probably isn't a reasonable assumption. What is the upper limit of files that can be loaded at once?

Secondly, would Allen consider releasing symbols for 4coder in future so we can debug/fix issues like this ourselves?
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#12765 Crash using open all code recursive on a large project
1 week, 6 days ago


Sorry about the crash! It does sound like it might be an out of memory situation. The data structures should be able to handle millions of files, if those files are all empty, but it might be running into problems trying to load the data for all of the files. The fact that it crashes instead of asserting does count as a bug in my book though.

I have tried to release debug symbols before, but I never really liked how it worked out with bloated file sizes. My packaging system is a lot stronger now so maybe I'll set up a new way to ship debug builds alongside release builds.

Thanks for the bug report and suggestion!