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Wishlist and bugs
My little list of bugs and wishes I've been jotting down when using 4coder

- search all open buffers does not work if search view is selected [4coder_search.cpp:565 buffer should be buffer_it]
- the I-search dialogue obscures the top line of the file. Especially sucks when trying to I-search through the search buffer
- selection should stop at last element in the color edit screen (press down when Bar Pop 2 is selected, it will then deselect everything)
- ctrl+shift+o (reopen file) doesn't refresh virtual whitespace
- wish: list all commands/bindings command
- wish: proper tab stops
- wish: tab options in config
- The numpad enter/return should work in confirmation dialogues (check on Mac, seems to work on Windows)
- * template<...> should not cause indentation on the following line
- * C++ lambdas break indentation
- * indentation is completely messed up when code wrapping is turned off. This seems to be the issue that was also mentioned on the forum
- absorb statement into scope does not re-adjust indentation
- wish: some indication on whether compilation was successful or not. Some projects have lots of compilation output so I have to manually scroll down through the compilation window to see if there's errors
- related: if I press alt+n to go to next error during compilation if there are not errors at the time but are errors *after* pressing alt+n then alt+n/alt+N will not work unless I recompile again without pressing alt+n
- ctrl+shift+D to delete current line doesn't work on last line of the file
- alt+2 to switch between source/header shouldn't hijack the compilation window
- There should be a warning (or if there is one it should be more obvious) if more than one theme file shares the same name. I spent a fair bit of time scratching my head over why my theme wasn't loading.
- wish: alt+x needs some work: tab completion, cut/paste, movable cursor, cycle through history, you shouldn't need the output window open (or whatever it's called) to be told that a command is unknown.
- font families should be listed in alphabetical order
- crash when trying to open too many files with `open code recursive`, I forgot to save a crash dump so that will have to wait until Monday

* = (appears to have been fixed in recent version, will check on Mac on Monday)
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Wishlist and bugs
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I'll confirm:
delete_line and duplicate_line does not work on the last line in the buffer.
jump to the next error before finishing compilation requiers to recompile in order to jump again.

bug: list_all_locations (and it's other versions) returns an empty buffer if the search buffer already exists.
wish: undo tree or a semiliar non-destructive way of undoing (emacs undo tree plugin had helped me alot in the past).
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Wishlist and bugs
There is also bug where pressing alt T on a white space character crashes 4coder.