Oliver Cruickshank
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Cargo/Devenv coloured build panel
I have seen some basic syntax highlighting in the build panel using cl.exe but with devenv or rust's cargo there seems to be no support for output syntax highlighting. Is this something I could add with the super version, or is it only possible for Allen to implement? Some colour to the output would be nice
Simon Anciaux
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Cargo/Devenv coloured build panel
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As far as I know there is no syntax highlighting in the build panel. There is a way to add your own keywords in the super version, but I don't thing it would work well with the compile output.
Allen Webster
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Cargo/Devenv coloured build panel
The situation right now is that you could set your build buffer to be treated as "code" which basically means it is parsed and syntax highlighted. Then you can set the "language" of the build buffer which allows you to control keywords. This is all assuming you have the "super" customization system.

It is on the to-do-list to make fully custom syntax highlighting systems where you can just parse the text yourself and assign colors to words.