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4Coder does not pick up files in NAS
I have been using 4coder for about a year now and it has worked wonderfully for my needs. I used to have all my work related projects stored on another internal drive and 4coder was able to pick up those files very easily via a direct drive letter path (D:/ for example). However, I have switched over to using an all purpose NAS device to store my work files, but 4coder can't seem to pick up the files in the share. When browsing to the directory via a direct drive letter path, 4coder can't seem to recognize any files/folders, nor does it recognize anything when I have a local folder connected by Symbolic Link to the share. Running one of the older 4coder builds within the share used to crash instantly (4.0.21), but the newer versions seem to have fixed that and I can run 4coder directly from the share itself. But again, it doesn't help since it doesn't recognize any files/folders. Visual Studio seems to work fine in detecting the files. Is there any way I can force 4coder to recognize files in the share, or at the very least, by using the API?
Allen Webster
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4Coder does not pick up files in NAS
Afraid not, sorry, this is probably just a problem with the 4coder list files and open/save files implementations on windows. I am putting this at the top of my urgent list for the next build.