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Keyword Highlighting
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first I want to thank you for this real nice editor. I really like to work with it.

Since I got used to the highlighting of comments like in caseys emacs file (NOTE, TODO, ...) I wanted to ask how far away this feature is ?

Is it currently possible to achieve this feature with the customization API ? If so, please hint me a little bit.


Jim R. Didriksen
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Keyword Highlighting

Is this what you mean't? If so this is a bit more than a hint.
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Keyword Highlighting
No, I don't think this is related.
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Keyword Highlighting
Currently (AFAIK) it isn't posiible to highlight a word inside of a comment, but you can add your own keywords for stuff like "global_variable" "internal" etc.
I think that it's planned to add support for custom highlights in future versions though.
Allen Webster
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Keyword Highlighting
Everything nicoco said is right. You can add keywords but nothing in a comment is treated as a keyword. The plan is to get to a system sometime this year that will greatly open the customizability of how exactly the buffer is shown, which will include arbitrary coloring rules.