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Full source code?
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Is it possible to purchase the full source code for 4coder? My default download for $12 doesn't contain the platform stuff AFAICT.

Seemed like it might be a FAQ, but I couldn't find stuff about it, apologies in advance if I missed it.
Allen Webster
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Full source code?
You are correct that the $12 version is not the full source. It is only the portion of the source that is external to the 4coder core, and implements the default custom layer.

The full source is not on sale for download anywhere, but we can discuss a closed source license if you email me at [email protected]. Also if you want access to the platform stuff to fix a bug or add a feature we can instead discuss that. 4coder is not an open source project, so if you were hoping to use the platform layer as a starting point for your own platform layer, the source is not available in any form for that purpose, but I would be happy to discuss with you the structure and details of the layer to help you implement your own.
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Full source code?
Thanks for the info Allen, I have no problems / feature requests for the platform layer yet, was just a bit curious. :-)
I'm looking forward to playing more with 4coder.

All the best.