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#15833 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago Edited by Alex Baines on July 22, 2018, 11:06 a.m. Reason: LICENSE forbids redistributing

I thought it would be nice to have 4coder in an .app bundle on MacOS, so I quickly bundled it. Maybe you could have this as an additional download or something. Just a suggestion. Oh and the app bundle is not very tidy, just so it works.
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Alex Baines
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#15834 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago

I think the LICENSE.txt says you shouldn't redistribute 4coder, so I'm gonna edit your post to remove the link.

Maybe you could describe how you created the app bundle though, so Mr4thdimention can create one officially?
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#15835 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago

Sorry, I should not have linked it like this. This page describes how an app bundle works. Scroll down, until you get to the Mac app bundle, don't try to create an iOS app bundle ;) Just read through this and here is the info.plist I used, so you don't have to start from scratch for that one.
Allen Webster
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#15839 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago

Hey Orion thanks for linking this information, it'll be a lot of help. It does seem like a good time to add this to my Mac build so I'll try to get it in in the next build.
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#15841 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago

No problem:)
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#15842 Nice MacOS App
8 months ago

Just what I was missing. Thanks for your work! :)