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Skipping past selected text when rewritiing. Bug, or am I missing something?
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Brand new to 4coder, but am really liking it so far. Have only been using it for the last week, so am on the most recent version.

I've attached a video to demonstrate what I am talking about. Basically, when I select a string of text using arrow keys and shift, if I try to rewrite that text, the cursor skips forward and starts writing x characters ahead. x = the number of characters selected. This is if the characters are selected from left to right. If the characters are selected right to left, it replaces as expected without this issue happening.

Not sure if I'm missing something in terms of keybinds or whatever (I've looked over them, but haven't seen anything that indicates why this might be happening), or if this is a bug/happens for anyone else.

I've tried repeating the steps in other programs, and it only seems to be happening in 4coder. So I don't think it's an issue with my keyboard doing some sort of macro.

Here's the vid: https://streamable.com/6trob

Let me know if I'm missing anything here.

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Skipping past selected text when rewritiing. Bug, or am I missing something?
Hi John.

The notepad like mode, with a cursor and highlighted region, was just added in the latest version and what you're seeing is a bug with that mode that will be fixed in the next build. Thanks for reporting it! If you'd like to try the original 4coder mode change your config.4coder "mode" variable to "4coder".