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How to java in 4coder?
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I know 4coder is a C++/C text editor but I want to move from eclipse to 4coder... any way to program java in 4coder?
Simon Anciaux
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How to java in 4coder?
I depends on what you want, and will most likely require you to write a custom layer for that. Some people on the 4coder discord might have done some of that.

The default indentation might not work well with java code.

You can add some sort of basic syntax highlighting: https://4coder.handmade.network/w..._words_to_the_syntax_highlighting

If you can compile on the command line, you can run the command from 4coder with the press of a key, but I don't know if the error parser will handle java error messages correctly (you might have to write it yourself).

You will still need a debugger.