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Benefits of the paid version
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I learned about 4coder from my friend how is really big on cpp. tbh, I know c but its not my go to language.

So far, I really like it. I want to use to more but to do so I need syntax highlighting in python and vim support.

My friend told I can implement this using project such as:
But he doesn't know how, he just uses it out of the box.

But post I have seen on this forum say I need the paid version to make my own customizations.

I was a bit confused because the itch page says nothing about extra features from the paid version. It just says that donations are a form of support.

To sum this up, do I need to pay for 4coder (which I'm willing to do if I can get some stuff to work) to use the projects listed above?

Alex Baines
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Benefits of the paid version
I believe the "paid" version became free on 1st July 2021[0], so you shouldn't need to pay/donate to get the customisation features any more

[0]: https://discord.com/channels/6570...67613309894687/860170544186654730
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Benefits of the paid version
Thanks! Seems like the article I linked was outdated.
Simon Anciaux
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Benefits of the paid version
I updated the wiki article, sorry for the confusion.