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unexpected behavior of modifier keys
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It is really hard for me to write code as ctrl+alt is currently not interpreted as altrg making the typing process of any kind of bracket extremely difficult. Normally I use my left hand to hold ctrl and alt while using my right hand to type the kind of bracket I want. Due to the current limitation I have to turn and stretch my right hand in a weird way to press both altgr as well as the bracket key.

Is there any easy fix for this that I could do as this is currently slowing me done significantly while typing and is actually slightly painful to do over longer periods of time? :)

I am on a german keyboard however, switching to the english layout in windows doesn't seem to make any difference.

Simon Anciaux
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unexpected behavior of modifier keys

In config.4coder you can change lalt_lctrl_is_altgr to true.

// Keyboard AltGr setting
lalt_lctrl_is_altgr = false;