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GoLang setup for 4coder?

Hello Any one have a customization for 4coder specified to Go? Like syntax highlighting , integration with gotools , autocompletion...

Evan Butterfield
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GoLang setup for 4coder?
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You can use https://4coder.handmade.network/forums/articles/t/7319-customization_layer_-_getting_started__4coder_4.1_ to do syntax highlighting for go. However, for it to apply, you need to add it as "treat as code". To do this, go to https://4coder.handmade.network/forums/t/8304-.inl_support. There, I asked about .inl file support for 4coder (basically just another C header file). Just do what it says, except use "go" (or whatever the file extension for Go is) instead of "inl".

Also, sorry, I don't know how to do auto complete (I don't even have that for C) and I don't know what gotools is.

Hope this helped!