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Does 4coder work on a virtual machine?

I have a MacBook Pro; however, I use parallels virtual machine for OpenGL development. I wanted to setup 4coder, but whenever I click the application it does nothing.

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Does 4coder work on a virtual machine?

4coder uses opengl to render, so you must make sure your VM has installed & configured opengl driver for whatever GPU virtualization it does.

If your VM does not provide virtualized GPU, then you can fall back to software rendering instead. mesa3d llvmpipe provides good opengl implementation that works for simple cases. I have github respository https://github.com/mmozeiko/build-mesa/ that provides prebuilt 64-bit Windows opengl32.dll file for this (download llvmpip zip file from release section). Place opengl32.dll file next to 4coder executable and it should use it instead of default system's opengl.

If you're on different OS like Linux, you can try setting LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 environment variable - maybe mesa in distribution you use already has llvmpipe prebuilt. If not, then you'll need to figure how to build mesa3d/llvmpipe yourself.

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Does 4coder work on a virtual machine?
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~There are a few prebuilt binaries floating around, see https://4coder.handmade.network/forums/t/2730-error_on_startup~

EDIT: NVM, Martins' link also has the binaries under releases

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Does 4coder work on a virtual machine?

Thank you both, Solution worked flawlessly.