Evan Butterfield
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Building in the opposite window

Today I set the .footer_panel value to false for a build command I have in project.4coder. My problem was that it put the *compilation* buffer in the panel that was currently active and I was hoping it would be in the next one. How can I set it so that when I execute this command, it will open the *compilation* buffer in the next panel?

Simon Anciaux
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Building in the opposite window

I haven't tested the following, and maybe there is an easier way but I don't know it.

Modify get_or_open_build_panel in 4coder_build_commands.cpp to return the next view instead of the footer panel.

static View_ID
get_or_open_build_panel(Application_Links *app){
#if 0
    View_ID view = 0;
    Buffer_ID buffer = get_comp_buffer(app);

    if (buffer != 0){
        view = get_first_view_with_buffer(app, buffer);
    if (view == 0){
        view = open_build_footer_panel(app);
    View_ID view = get_next_view_after_active( app, Access_Always );