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How to fix function recognition in header files

Hey all.

I've been using 4Coder with the provided fleury customizations (as well as a few of my own tweaks) for a while, but have noticed that functions don't get syntax highlighting* if written in a header file. In order for 4Coder to highlight them properly I'm forced to write an accompanying .cpp file, which is often unnecessary overkill.

*Functions defined in header files also don't show the popup signature when using the "pos_context_tooltips" addon.

  • Function declared and defined in the header file:


  • Function declared in the header file and defined in a .cpp file:


(Ignore the erroneous highlighting of 'Clear', which is probably a function in one of the libraries my project's using)

Can this be fixed? If so, which files are responsible? The 4coder_[fleury/casey]_index.cpp files look promising but I can't find anything that might be discriminating by file type, and token parsers are really not my thing!

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How to fix function recognition in header files
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Late reply, but you will probably get more answers if you ask on either the 4coder discord or the handmade.network discord.