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How to get rid of "messages" panel?

I'm totally new to 4coder editor (just found it and have used it just couple of hours). One question:

Every time I open 4coder there is "messages" panel visible. I really don't need to see this panel every time I open 4coder editor. Is it possible to get rid of this panel so that default view is just empty?

(Yes, I can close that "messages" panel by clicking it with a mouse, then clicking "alt+x", then finding command "close panel", but it feels really stupid to do this every time I open this editor.)

Simon Anciaux
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How to get rid of "messages" panel?
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If what you want is to start 4coder with a single panel, you'll need to modify and compile the custom layer.

The modification you need:

In 4coder_default_hooks.cpp, in the default_startup command you need to remove the call to default_4coder_side_by_side_panels(app, file_names); and replace it by default_4coder_one_panel(app, file_names);.

And then compile the custom layer. Make sure 4coder is not running while you compile otherwise it won't be able to write the dll file. Those two functions are defined in 4coder_default_framework.cpp if you want to look at them.

There is a "Getting started" guide there: https://4coder.handmade.network/forums/articles/t/7319-customization_layer_-_getting_started__4coder_4.1_

Note that 4coder has been made open source and as far as I know there isn't an "official" community repository with recent fixes. You might get more information and faster help on the 4coder discord.