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official community fork and apple m2 support

Hi, since https://github.com/Dion-Systems/4coder is archived i was wondering if there is any official community fork that would be maintained and would accept pull requests and made regular releases.

Also is there some fork of 4coder with apple m2 support?

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official community fork and apple m2 support

As of right now, I don't know if there are any plans from any members of the 4cc fork to support M1. :(

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official community fork and apple m2 support
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Hey! :D

there is a community fork at https://github.com/4coder-community/4cc

I made some improvements for ease of use of the build system at https://github.com/SL-code/4cc (Monorepo branch).

I also added:

  • a few more themes,
  • a new font
  • and (as of now) two custom layers (byp and jack punter's layers).

I hope that more people will put their custom layer there so that someone new can have a "batteries included" experience.

I'll try to add new things as they are needed, until now I've only modified the build system so that it is easier to get stared, I've documented the build process in the readme, if there is feedback on the documentation I am happy to make it better.

Regarding pull requests, I'm happy to accept them if it will benefit all of us, and the project as a whole. Right now we do not have concrete plan to evolve the project most of us work on cool stuff, the problem that I see is that we don't have an easy way to mix our changes, I hope that my fork can spark this initiative.

Hopefully, we will have a poll with "the most important things" to add soon so that we can have a list from which we can take things and implement them.

Cool things I know of:

  • I'm simplifying the build system :D (Jack has something similar, but not as drastic as mine)
  • B.Y.P is working on a "quality of life" custom layer, for easy start on a personal custom layer, he posted screenshots on the 4coder discord channel.
  • Jack in working on integrating tree-sitter into 4coder
  • NeGate is working on some performance improvements
  • Skytrias is working on a custom layer that works well with the odin programming language.
  • I'll make the project compatible with the circle compiler so we can have a new shiny tool to develop our layers :D

Regarding Apple M2 support, taking a look through 4coder_base_types.h it seems that the code can support arm platforms. I don't know the challenges of developing for the M2 and most of us have Windows and Linux boxes, we are happy to get some help with porting and/or testing for Apple platforms in general :)