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Featured Article: Customization layer - getting started


This article is a small introduction to the 4coder customization layer. The goal is to help new users to setup their custom layer, define their key bindings, set their hooks, and add keywords to the syntax highlighting.


  • the paid version of 4coder;
  • to know some C/Cpp;
  • have a compiler installed: Visual Studio on Windows, GCC or Clang on Mac and Linux.


Installing boils down to unzipping the archive where you want. It's a good idea to put it in a folder without spaces or parenthesis in the path.

On Windows, there are a few things to pay attention to:

  • If the path contains space(s):
    • The build script, buildsuper.bat, may fail to setup Visual Studio (by failing to call vcvarsall.bat), so you would need to do it yourself before trying to build the custom layer;
    • The working directory will need to be the 4coder directory to build the custom layer, otherwise the build script will not work;
  • If the path contains '(' or ')' the build script may fail;
  • Non ASCII characters seem to be fine.


To build 4coder's default custom layer, double click on the buildsuper.bat file at the root of the 4coder ...